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Grand Rapid Michigan Visitors

A very special group of people from Grand Rapids Michigan, who were staying at the French Lick Hotel, saw our huge Popcorn Box Icon in our parking lot and stopped in to check things out!  After browsing for a while…..they said…..We hit the Motherboard of Gift Stores!!!!  How COOL is that?  They shopped…..enjoyed some delicious . . .

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Cincinnati Bus Tour

Jasper Gift Basket and Popcorn Company had the pleasure of giving a tour to 75 people from Cincinnati. We divided the group up, and gave gift basket creating demonstrations, while serving them popcorn and chocolate treats.  Becky described the art of creating her gourmet chocolates, while Katrina showed them how we create our 90 flavors . . .

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92 year old couple

This sweet couple from Kentucky, who are both 92 years old…..stopped into our store, while they were out touring for the day. They enjoyed browsing, while we enjoyed all the cool stories they were telling us.    I certainly hope that when I get to be 92….. I can ENJOY LIFE like these 2 do!

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EASTER at Jasper Gift Basket!

It’s Easter at Jasper Gift Basket and Popcorn Company! And look at all the cool chocolate treats that Becky creates! The chocolate comes in white, milk, or dark chocolate, and you can personalize your chocolate bunnies to make them extra special!  

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Jasper High School Field Trip

A wonderful group of children from Jasper High School took their field trip to our store. Jackie showed them her popcorn kitchen where she pops her 90 flavors of delicious popcorns, while Becky demonstrated how she creates all her gourmet chocolate treats. Katrina gave them a tour of our store, and Kathy gave them a . . .

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Lancaster Ohio Bus Tour

We had the pleasure of meeting some fine folks from Lancaster, Ohio. They were on a Mystery Bus Tour and had no idea they were going to  be stopping at our Popcorn and Chocolate store. We gave demonstrations on how to assemble gift baskets with our popcorns and chocolates. They learned how our popcorn is . . .

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Strassenfest 2015

Every year at the end of July, is our towns annual  “STRASSENFEST”. In order for our store to prepare for this event, Jackie pops her famous “Strassenfest Pop” popcorn (cherry, lemon, black cherry). And Becky is creating so many cool chocolate treats! We will also decorate our store in the festivals colors. This is a . . .

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Krazy About Kids!

A group of children recently came here for a chocolate class. They certainly enjoyed their time learning how to make their own chocolate bark, and decorating it with lots of colorful treats. They certainly were very patient, they asked lots of questions, and then they got to take their designed chocolate piece along home.

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Cleveland Bus Tour

We recently welcomed a tour bus from Cleveland Ohio. After a long drive, they certainly were ready to stop at our store, get out and stretch, and enjoy the activities we were to show them at our store.

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Bus Tours!

We have had several bus tours make their stop at our store. While they were here, they got to experience how the popcorn is popped, coated, and bagged for our customers. They also enjoyed watching our chocolatier create her delicious gourmet chocolates. Once the products are made, we can design and arrange these in a beautiful gift . . .

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